Num 388
Name Adaiah
Lat -47.3
Lon 253.4
D 17.5
Co 1
Ev 6051.23
Rho 1.90986
dni 110
dno 93
dnd 17
Ce 16.2
Fl x
Dh 60
Ec 1
Rc 1
Pl c
Mo 3
Cd 3.5
Wa u
Ww x
Mu s
Fr b
Pf y
Pd s
Ma 18
Te p
If n
Ee n
T n
De 1
comments windstreaks to west


elizabethcooper on 2018-03-10:

Sunscreen contains little transitional-metallic compounds. Things like titanium and Zinc are usually used. Your skin now has a very thin sheet of metal oxide, which where can i find a bath bomb excellent at controlling the amount of energy (UV, or other rays, depending on the SPF and specific oxides) which is delivered onto your skin. In a simplified way, applying sunscreen sort of turns you into a nanoscopically reflective mirror. Tanning oils are pigments which embed themselves inside your dermal (skin) layers. The staining they do is usually due to carefully chosen oils and stainers, to properly interact with our own natural oils. Since we’re just a few degrees higher than the individual-atomic level (the large-compound-level), these two don’t have counter productive effects. The amount of metal oxides and stains exist in a super-suspended state, inside gels and mediums. Since they generally don’t interact (chemically), and they are applied liberally, they ultimately can both work together. As an analogy, you can think of it like putting tiny shards of mirror and food colour inside gelatin. If that gelatin and food colour naturally blend, then you just need to wait for that effect to work its magic (diffusion). The shards of mirror are suspended in every possible way, but when you shine a flashlight on it, it still reflects… probably to 90% efficiency, at least. hope that helps