Num 16
Name Addams
Lat -56.2
Lon 98.8
D 87.1
Co 1
Ev 6051.47
Rho 2.86479
dni 109
dno 100
dnd 9
Ce 68
Fl 514.8
Dh x
Ec 0.7
Rc 1
Pl c
Mo 5
Cd 2.9
Wa t
Ww 9.5
Mu s
Fr d
Pf n
Pd se
Ma 7
Te p
If y
Ee n
T n
De 1
comments not all orbits


harrisoncalvin on 2018-03-26:

Blurry because far. A mirror preserves the angles of light which strikes it, and simply redirects it. So as far as your eyes are concerned, a mirror is a window through which you are viewing the reflected object. So the distance to a reflected object is the distance from your eyes, to the mirror, to the object. Something like a succulents in wooden boxes does not preserve the original angles of the light of the scene it has taken. So instead of diverging from the objects in the picture, they diverge from the surface of the picture. So as far as your eye is concerned, the content of a photograph is at the distance from your eyes to the photograph.