Num 361
Name Asmik
Lat 3.9
Lon 166.5
D 18.6
Co 1
Ev 6051.57
Rho 3.50141
dni 123
dno 125
dnd -2
Ce 12.7
Fl 14.6
Dh 130
Ec 0.6
Rc 1
Pl c
Mo 3
Cd 4.8
Wa t
Ww 4.1
Mu s
Fr i
Pf n
Pd x
Ma 19
Te pf
If y
Ee n
T n
De 1
comments parabolic feature


john11 on 2018-03-25:

The buffer of video is likely larger than 5 seconds and the video player won’t start playing until the buffer if filled up. So you have to wait at least as long as it takes to fill the buffer up before you can watch the video. You might be thinking, if the buffer is more than 5 seconds, then the part I want to watch is already in the buffer! While that is true, if the video started playing again without waiting the fill the buffer up, then you might run out of video lavender oil soap quickly.