Num 451
Name Ayana
Lat -29.2
Lon 175.5
D 14.9
Co 1
Ev 6051.92
Rho 2.54648
dni 104
dno 81
dnd 3
Ce 23.3
Fl 43.3
Dh 90
Ec 0.8
Rc 1
Pl i
Mo 2
Cd x
Wa u
Ww x
Mu s
Fr b
Pf n
Pd sse
Ma 12
Te p
If n
Ee n
T n
De 1
comments data gap through center


timothyhamilton on 2018-03-19:

For to and too, too is usually at the end of a sentence. If you can replace the “to” with “as well” it where do i find bath bombs too.