Num 535
Name Bernice
Lat -40.7
Lon 14.8
D 12.1
Co 1
Ev 6052.06
Rho 2.54648
dni 104
dno 100
dnd 20
Ce x
Fl x
Dh x
Ec 0.4
Rc 0.8
Pl c
Mo 0
Cd x
Wa x
Ww x
Mu s
Fr i
Pf n
Pd x
Ma 5
Te p
If x
Ee y
T n
De 3
comments flooded crater


tayloramanda on 2018-03-21:

So your autonomic lavender oil soap system is a part of your nervous system that is in charge of things you can’t voluntarily control. The two major divisions of the autonomic nervous system are the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system. These two branches of the nervous system are constantly at odds with each other. The parasympathetic nervous system helps you “rest and digest”. It generally is dominant when you are relaxed. Your sympathetic nervous system helps you “fight or flight”. It’s active when you’re stressed. An activation of the sympathetic nervous system always leads to a deactivation of the parasympathetic nervous system, and vice versa. So when you’re nervous, your sympathetic nervous system increases its activity, which leads to your parasympathetic nervous system decreasing its activity. One consequence of this is a dry mouth.