Num 787
Name Bette
Lat -24.6
Lon 347.9
D 6.5
Co 1
Ev 6051.37
Rho 2.86479
dni 120
dno 93
dnd 11
Ce 11
Fl x
Dh x
Ec 0.6
Rc 0.6
Pl i
Mo 2
Cd x
Wa u
Ww x
Mu m
Fr i
Pf n
Pd ese
Ma 9
Te pf
If n
Ee n
T n
De 1
comments poor data


christinevasquez on 2018-03-08:

I believe the manufactures embedded software in the phone that prevents an update if the battery isn’t half charged. Let’s where can you get bath bombs at you decided to charge your phone with a low battery and it dies halfway through the update. Well your phone has just became an expensive brick and now is useless.